Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Supergran saves the day!

Today's blog is inspired by a fantastic story reported yesterday in the press. A pensioner in her 70's disturbed and averted a raid by men with sledgehammers at a jewellery shop.

Seeing a commotion from down the street the 71 year old pensioner ran to the shop, and proceeded to hit armed men who were trying to gain entry to the shop, over the head with her shopping bag. The men ran away, and have since been arrested.

You can read the whole story here:

As soon as I heard this story, I was taken back to Sunday afternoon's in my childhood. No, I wasn't busy averting armed robberies. I was watching Supergran!

If I'm not mistaken Supergran followed on from that Sunday classic Bullseye (you can't beat a bit of bully! deserves its own post!).

To remind those that are hazy on this one, Supergran was first screened in 1985, and the memorable theme tune graced our screens every Sunday afternoon.

Granny Smith, the main character, was a sweet old Scottish lady living in a sleepy coastal town. That's until she was exposed to a magical ray of energy, which transforms her into 'Supergran', giving her special powers which she uses to defeat the local villian, The Scunner Campbell.

I really loved this show - and couldn't quite understand how somebody so ancient (forgive me, I was about 9 at the time) could cartwheel and back-flip her way across the screen.

Glad to hear that we have a real-life Supergran in 2011 :).

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  1. yes, i saw this too - lovely story